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Digital/Broadcast TV & Media Production

 Create digital ads for social media platforms

Design and manage Cable/Broadcast TV ads

Ad purchasing in ethnic and so-called mainstream media 

As well, we provide broadcast-ready television and digital media production and ad-purchasing services to create targeted commercials and advertising with our team of creatives producing for social media platforms as well as on Cable and broadcast TV. Our team will help you produce a compelling piece that not only will have a visual attraction but deliver your message with lasting effect.

Media Relations
Community Stakeholder

Ethnic/Cross-Cultural Marketing & Diversity Engagement

Outreach/political organizing in Latinx, African-American, ethnic communities

Culturally competent strategies for authentic and effective community engagement

Spanish-language/additional language translations

Media relations to national, regional and hyperlocal African-American/ethnic media

Building goodwill and engagement with business owners of color

Create and maintain pipelines for supply chain development to vendors/suppliers of color

Our clients have the distinct advantage of broadening their relationships with connections into the Black and Brown communities. We have keen insight into the African-American, Caribbean, and Latinx culture, among others, and help organizations cultivate relationships with the thought leaders and influencers among our communities of color in the public and private sector, as well as garner media coverage in various ethnic news outlets.


Strategic & Crisis Communications/ Management

Media Relations

Message Development

Brand Name Positioning

Content Development

Rebuilding Staff Morale

For many today who are in a flux of information overload and challenges in message management during our current COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, The Chavez Group offers media relations and strategic messaging to help clients sustain their brand image and message to their target audience. 

We work with clients who are seeking to secure as well as build goodwill with their audience. We do this best by integrating the conventional media relations work with our network of journalists and editors in the various news outlets, along with reaching audiences faster and wider on social media.

Our team is equipped with the latest best practices and tools to help clients re-establish policies and programs within their organization to bolster internal communications and morale among its personnel and assist in streamlining and organizing its own customer and client management systems.

Crisis Communications
Content Creation

Government Relations + Grassroots Advocacy-Engagement

Issues Outreach and Legislative Lobbying

Building infrastructure for political campaigns

Fundraising strategies

Targeted neighborhood outreach

Logistics planning for executive-level events and conferences

During this challenging time, The Chavez Group is focusing its skills and services to helping businesses, nonprofits, and individual executives. We build strong partnerships with other private businesses and public stakeholders with the best use of the latest technology for virtual engagement that will help each other survive and thrive in this current economy.

We have the network of public and private sector relationships and the knowledge of the relevant issues among regional and community stakeholders to help give our clients the advantage to maintain their projects and initiatives. It is our knowledge of city, state and federal government, intimate knowledge of how they operate in the middle of intense legislative schedules and tight budget negotiations, and our keen understanding of the relevant issues among neighborhood and community stakeholders that give our clients the advantage.

Lobbying Strategies
Fundrasing Strategies
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